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Revenue Cycle Management

Proficient Revenue Cycle Management Services For Maximum Financial Efficiency

Step ahead and experience well-designed Revenue Cycle Management Services to enhance overall practice outcomes.

Providing State-of-the-art Solutions to
Revenue Cycle Management

Vitgenix, Inc. is a versatile Revenue Cycle Management service that provides customized solutions pertaining to the demands of your practice. Our Revenue Cycle Management professionals work persistently to assure rapid collections, prompt reimbursements, the identification of all income prospects, and the management of denied claims.

Excellent Productivity with Maximized Cash Flow


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    Adaptable RCM Solutions

    Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Support with Qualified Staff

    What We are Offering

    Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Process


    Enrollment Verification


    Coding & Billing


    A/R Follow-UP


    Reporting Analysis

    We Can Help You With!

    Reliable RCM Solutions


    Increase your revenue cycle by up to 15-20%

    Our all-inclusive approach to revenue cycle management, led by a team of professionals, ensures a smooth payment cycle to maximize your profit margin.


    Accounts Receivable reduced by up to 30%

    We follow up on all claims on a regular basis to guarantee seamless collections as our steadfast team vigilantly observes A/R aging.


    Clean Claims Ratio of 98%

    At Vitgenix, Inc. claims are scrubbed to provide error-free submission. This also helps to improve the clean claim ratio, speedy reimbursement, and a significant reduction in denials/rejections.


    Reporting and Analytics

    Providers make timely decisions with our data-driven reports, which provide a wide range of metrics to help you get a new level of insight into your revenue cycle operations.

    Revenue Cycle Support

    Complete Insight

    You're failing or losing hold of your business. Your success is calculated with timely analysis & reporting of the entire process which ensures accurate data, project efficiency, and accountability of the revenue cycle.

    High and Beyond

    Vitgenix, Inc. does not work like a usual income cycle administrator. To catch every dollar, we exceed everyone's expectations and put income-influencing services to front and back-end operations.

    RCM Professionals

    Certified coding, reimbursement, and payment professionals are deployed. They keep the revenue cycle optimized and strive for maximum collections.

    Tactical Guidance

    Contemporary tactical guidance is given by our skilled and professional team to intact the latest industry-wide updates.

    Adoptable Plan

    Whether you choose our strong & extensive PM/EHR framework or you may outsource some part of your business to someone else. Our services are not limited at any stage of the revenue cycle.

    Strong Client Support

    A highly skilled & professionally educated crew provides instant responses to front-office queries, questions & emails.

    Are You Interested In Preparing Your Healthcare Practice For A Medical Billing Audit? Get A Healthcare RCM Medical Billing Audit For Your Medical Practice.

    Medical Billing Services

    We prioritize attentive and ultramodern medical billing services for our clients. Our team strives to satisfy groups and providers looking for not just a billing company but a partner to help drive the success of their business.

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