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Micro Hospitals are the most recent sort of clinical offices that have begun to blast into the medical care industry in the USA. Micro Hospitals are considered an extension between emergency rooms and a community area hospital. Since Micro Hospitals don't offer complete clinical services so perception level of a micro-hospital is barely lesser than a public hospital. VitGenix, Inc. is gladly serving Micro Hospitals in different states of the USA. We are furnishing practice management services with high collections and minimal utilization of present assets.


Billing and Coding for Micro Hospitals

As a matter of primary importance, VitGenix, Inc. confirms that Miro Hospital we are working for is following the government and state licensing regulatory necessities. Our skilled credentialing crew is aware that a few states may require a Certificate of Need (CON) to run a Micro Hospital. However, California, Nevada, Arizona, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Indiana are the states where CON isn't expected to be taken before making a Micro Hospital. For Billing, our team is expertly coding for typical diseases, wounds, and sample tests being performed in Micro Hospitals.


Our team has adopted ways that shorten the denial buckets and acquire a recognizable improvement in cash flow for Micro Hospitals. We stay all around informed about changes and administrative updates made by the state. We bargain aggressively with insurance agencies for constant development in revenue outcomes on regular basis.

We try to make a surprising relationship that permits us to give desired rates to our clients and their patients. We never bargain with out-of-network organizations that can be the cause of high volume of denials and low reimbursements. We additionally encourage Micro Hospitals to be found not more than 20 miles from a public hospital so patients can be moved without any problem.

Medical Billing Services

Our core Obligation is to take on our customers with the most attentive methodologies. VitGenix wishes that Providers/Groups should choose our presidencies, so we can drive the wheel of their businesses with an ultra-modern approach.

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Medical Billing Services
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