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Frequently Asked Questions

Vitgenix, Inc. helps you with frequently asked questions to empower your knowledge about Billing Process.

Vitgenix, Inc. is a top-tier medical billing company that provides exceptional billing services in various states of the USA at a startlingly reasonable price. In addition, we provide everything you need for your medical practice under one roof.

We prioritize maximizing revenue, improving patient satisfaction, and reducing in-house stress. With cutting-edge approaches and advanced strategies, our organization dedicates itself to driving significant improvements in your financial performance. Choose us to transform your billing process.

Vitgenix, Inc. offers the following Services:

  1. Revenue Cycle Management
  2. Provider Credentialing
  3. Medical Billing & Coding
  4. Practice Audit
  5. Reporting & Analysis
  6. Streamlined Income

Yes, Vitgenix, Inc. works in a paperless environment by providing the latest electronic documentation and scanning technologies. A user-friendly interface has been introduced where all your documents can be scanned and stored.

Vitgenix, Inc. provides specialty-specific billing services nationwide in the USA.

For Electronic Submission we use ANSI X-12 format, and CMS-1500 is used to send paper claims.

We identify the root causes of denials and work diligently to reduce their frequency to ensure optimal reimbursement. We follow up on all claims on a regular basis to guarantee seamless collections as our steadfast team vigilantly observes A/R aging. Our team is fully aware of the filing limit for claims and appeals.

We have a team of experts using a range of EMRs, EHRs, and PMs available in the medical billing market.

Vitgenix, Inc. has created a smart payment posting process. Most of the payments are set to auto-post by software. However, some paper checks, EOBs, and patient payments are manually posted by our experienced staff.

Flawless communication with providers and staying in touch with CMS guidelines help us update fee schedules for all the procedures being rendered.

Typically, we ask providers or groups to make data available in password-protected mode. We usually, import the data into our system. Secondly, some latest software has the ability to move data from among each other.

If everything pertaining to submitting a claim is received in time, Vitgenix, Inc. will not take more than 24 business hours to have the bill submitted to carriers.

Through the mutual efforts of an experienced team, Vitgenix, Inc. maintains a claim acceptance ratio of up to 99%.

Yes, we offer tremendous customer support to make our clients headache-free.

Vitgenix, Inc. observes the severity of the matters that come across, critical problems are solved within 1 to 4 hours. Medium severity is fixed within 4 to 24 hours and Low critical problems are taken care of within 3-5 business days.

Yes, we have a trained team that has extensive and efficient knowledge about telehealth billing services.

Our communication starts with a remote desktop sharing method (Zoom), emails, and phone calls. However, we leave it at the provider’s convenience.

Our contracting team evaluates patient volume and average collections of the practice and the offers lowest price according to the billing market.

A wide range of data analysis is given to show the best insights of the practice. Daily, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports are prepared.

We strive to have the claim processed and paid within 30 to 35 days. Or, it would be according to industry standards.

We will take 24-48 hours to sign you up if only data needs to be switched. Otherwise, it is going to be 20-30 days if we need to start from roots.

By utilizing our specialized marketers with excellent business development experience. They will use their hands-on experience to take your practice to the top convincing more patients and extended collections.

Since we take care of the entire RCM, we have servers, IT and billing staff. So upfront cost is none other than the decided percentage between clients and us.

We accept checks, American Express, Visa, and Master cards.

Provider retention, exceptional customer support, and care is our core obligation. Once a provider is signed up, we look after credentialing, billing and coding, claim processing, AR management, patient collections, and reporting.

When you consider all the overhead expenses like salaries, bonuses, technology, software, and continuous training costs, in-house billing may end up costing more.

To improve patient volume, satisfaction, and loyalty, most practices realign personnel to put more emphasis on greater coordination.

Vitgenix, Inc. treats the data like a host. You continue to have complete ownership and control over it. If you decide to quit Vitgenix, Inc. you can access your data any time and can have it with you.

We have 2 backup internet connections available 24-7 in case of any dysconnectivity and transmission impairments. Further, dedicated team leads have their own 4G cellular data connections to provide uninterrupted backup services.

We have 2 backup internet connections available 24-7 in case of any dysconnectivity and transmission impairments. Further, dedicated team leads have their own 4G cellular data connections to provide uninterrupted backup services.

PHI is only communicated via HIPAA and HITECH-compliant resources.

Vitgenix, Inc. has multiple features to help you manage the confidentiality of PHI including passwords, screen monitoring, access restrictions, and audit services.

  1. sFTP servers
  2. HIPAA Firewall
  3. Role Based Access Control
  4. USB Disabled Environment
  5. Mobile Free Zone
  6. Non-Disclosure Agreements for PHI
  7. Screen Monitoring System
Medical Billing Services

We prioritize attentive and ultramodern medical billing services for our clients. Our team strives to satisfy groups and providers looking for not just a billing company but a partner to help drive the success of their business.

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